Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur

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00165 Roma, Europe, Italy


00165 Roma, Europe, Italy

Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur focuses on Refugees Religion United Nations and is headquartered in 00165 Roma, Europe, Italy.

Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, women with hearts as wide as the world, make known God’s goodness and love of the poor through a Gospel way of life, community and prayer. Continuing a strong educational tradition, we take our stand with poor people, especially women and children, in the most abandoned places. Each of us commits her one and only life to work with others to create justice and peace for all.

  • 1 / 3: During the Global Forum on Migration and Development held in Istanbul in October 2015, Mary Jo Toll SND (center) reiterated the call to the International Community to do more to protect the human rights of migrants.
  • 2 / 3: At the Commission on the Status of Women in 2013, Cristina Igoa, Zarmina Kochi, and Rosario Campos presented a side event on Cristina's book,
  • 3 / 3: At the Commission on Social Development in 2012, Sisters Claudine Dumbi and Lucie Kima presented a side event on the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur’s Photovoltaic Program in Congo and Nigeria.


Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur is an accredited non-governmental organization (NGO) at the United Nations since 2001. At the UN we work primarily on issues related to poverty eradication, rights of women and girls, sustainable development, financing for development, education, and human trafficking.

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