Project 1948

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Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States


Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States


Jenifer White, PhD
5800 S. Skelly Drive, Suite 1101
Tulsa, Oklahoma, 74135
United States

+1 479-747-1861


Project 1948 focuses on United Nations Human Rights Sustainable Development and is headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States.

We give a camera. We give a voice. Our NGO created a platform for policy-change in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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We're glad you're here! Photography holds possibility. Our voice helps us create a better world. Here's how we elevate the world: we put people first.

  • 1 / 4: We give a camera.
  • 2 / 4: We give a voice.
  • 3 / 4: Our photo-voice program...
  • 4 / 4: is a platform for social policy-change.


Project 1948 is an American-based NGO with an international focus in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The NGO aims to influence young adults by providing them with a camera and a voice, which is practical, insightful, and even necessary in the fight to influence social policy-change.

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