Mamoni Valley Preserve

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Incline Village, Nevada, United States


Incline Village, Nevada, United States


Mr Stephen Wiel
Bella Vista, El Cangrejo, Eusebio A. Morales avenue, Neo Plaza Building, office 104
Panama City, Panamá,

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Mamoni Valley Preserve focuses on Environment Sustainable Development and is headquartered in Incline Village, Nevada, United States.

The Mamoní Valley Preserve (MVP) is dedicated to promoting a community of like-minded people supporting a social ecology of conservation and sustainable development throughout Panama's Mamoní Valley watershed.


The MVP was created with a mission of conserving tropical forests and promoting sustainable livelihoods in Panama's 11,500-hectare Mamoní Valley—a place of global biogeographic and cultural importance. Besides the Valley's inherent contribution to the biodiversity of the region, it serves as a buffer zone protecting 12 miles of the southern border of the Guna Yala indigenous territory and the eastern edge of the upper reaches of Chagres National Park from the rapid and often chaotic spread of Panama City and development along the Pan-American Highway corridor. The MVP is devoted to stewardship of the entire Mamoní Valley by ensuring and monitoring preservation rights for a targeted 80% of the land within the Valley, enhancing the quality of its rainforest and the diversity of the forest's flora and fauna. To accomplish this, MVP is building an alliance with the residents of the four villages in the Valley and the owners and tenants of surrounding fincas by supporting their enhanced productivity, employment, education and health and actively providing stewardship for the rainforest's preservation. The MVP serves as an umbrella organization to coordinate all efforts throughout the entire valley that promote the above mission. Toward this end, we have created the Mamoní Valley Preserve Association open to all landowners, residents and stakeholders in the Mamoní Valley watershed who voluntarily pledge to support the mission and work together to create a thriving socially and environmentally positive community.