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Sydney, NSW, Australia


Sydney, NSW, Australia

KTF focuses on Natural Resources & Energy Sustainable Development Disaster Relief and is headquartered in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

We’re a group of passionate and innovative problem solvers who want to make a difference in Papua New Guinea. Our mission is to advance education, health, livelihood and leadership outcomes for every person in the country.

  • 1 / 5: School Resources Support
  • 2 / 5: PNG Community Health Program
  • 3 / 5: Teacher Salary Support Project
  • 4 / 5: Light Up PNG / Solar Lights
  • 5 / 5: Infrastructure & Water Access


Communities in rural PNG often have little to no access to basic services. Education, healthcare, energy and safe drinking water are our priority. We provide communities with access to quality education and health services as well as livelihood opportunities, and we aim to build the next generation of Papua New Guinean leaders via our leadership program. Learn more about our approach, the solutions and our results on the ground:

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