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As an organization that uses a .NGO and/or .ONG domain, your url already tells a story: you are a non-profit, non-governmental, or charitable group, actively working to improve our world. But as an OnGood member, you also have access to additional tools and resources to help you share your story with a wider audience of supporters and peers.

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Helping NGOs Be Found

A unique web address that instantly signals your organization is an active and authentic NGO.

An OnGood member profile page that is easily customizable, searchable, and shareable

Access to a broader audience through the OnGood community

A unique web address.

It can be difficult to tell online if a non-profit organization is legitimate. Fortunately, to use an .NGO and/or .ONG domain an organization must ensure that they meet our 7 Eligibility Requirements and is a legitimate and active NGO — making authentic organizations easy to recognize and easy to find. Learn more about the .NGO domain. All domain registrations are subject to audit and when selected must provide documentation proving they are a legitimate NGO.

An OnGood member profile page that is easily customizable, searchable, and shareable.

An OnGood profile. Regularly updating and sharing your work is one of the best ways to help your organization be found. As an OnGood member you’ll have a profile in our NGO directory, which you can customize with your latest news, photos, and video. New supporters can find your profile through our directory search features, and you can keep existing supporters up-to-date by sharing your unique profile link.

A broader audience.

A broader audience. Your OnGood profile is a terrific place to share your story and list your organization in the directory. This will let you easily connect and share your story with a global audience of supporters and other NGOs.