Break the Cycle Global

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Burlington, NC, United States


Burlington, NC, United States

Break the Cycle Global focuses on Children & Youth Religion Sustainable Development and is headquartered in Burlington, NC, United States.

Break the Cycle Global exists to advance the Kingdom of God by partnering with communities throughout East Africa to develop sustainable solutions to educational, economic, medical and spiritual needs.

  • 1 / 6: Mathare, 2nd largest slum in Nairobi, raising a new generation of leadership!
  • 2 / 6: Future leaders developing their skills in our school in Mathare, the 2nd largest slum in Nairobi, Kenya!
  • 3 / 6: The Samburu, a tribe of pastoralists that have welcomed us to help with development.
  • 4 / 6: Assisting widows & making orphans become sons and daughter in Usenge, a fishing village on Lake Victoria, Kenya.
  • 5 / 6: Achilet, Uganda. These children are now students in our school! Food, education, medical attention & lot's of love!
  • 6 / 6: You can help make a difference!


Through establishing schools, the gospel is going forth in a context of hope - spiritually, emotionally and physically. Children attending these schools of excellence receive a high quality education in an atmosphere of love and support on every level. These children are budding community leaders receiving for the first time in their lives much needed medical care, clothing, clean water and nutritious food. Moreover, they are learning the meaning of a destiny of purpose and hope in Jesus Christ. In addition to schools, the development of Kingdom of God-minded leadership is essential to empowering local believers to live out the gospel in their culture and context. Through our Discipleship Training Center, we will be equipping leaders to go back to their respective communities with the transforming message of the gospel of the Kingdom. In years to come we will be partnering with local leadership in the same locations as our schools to address community needs including better job opportunities, improved health care, and clean, accessible water. By raising up a generation of young men and women prepared to address the unique challenges in their own communities, they will be the authors of much needed change right where they live. As local leaders witness first hand practical and sustainable solutions to their community's needs, we believe that they will assume greater responsibility in creating a context in which vibrant local economies can flourish! We are developing the greatest resource in East Africa.... her people!